Moving On!

Moving On! is a seven-session sequel to the Start! course. With a similar down-to-earth approach, the course helps people explore Christian discipleship in a relaxed, small-group setting.

As you’d expect, it’s ideal for people who are taking new steps of faith as a result of the Start! Course; but participation in Start! isn’t essential. Moving On! is for anyone who wants to explore what it means to be a Christian disciple today. 

So it’s ideal anyone preparing for Confirmation or entering into church membership.  The same goes for people who are interested in the adult catechumenate, or in personal pilgrimage. Quite simply, Moving On! is perfect for people who want to grow in their relationship with God, going deeper in to prayer and the Bible. In fact, it’s for anyone who just wants to move on… 

Moving On! provides seven interactive, small-group sessions. Each is based around a lively 15-minute DVD programme that includes location-based input and a thought-provoking personal story.

Beginning with course members’ current experience Moving On! helps them:

  • consider the benefits and challenges of being a follower of Jesus
  • be active and committed members of the church 
  • explore Christian worship
  • grow in their relationship with God
  • explore the Trinity and the Holy Spirit
  • think about Christian stewardship
  • be wholehearted disciples.

Moving On! includes: 

  • 48-page leader’s book
  • photocopiable handouts
  • 105-minute DVD
  • publicity materials and additional resources
  • online resources

Moving On! costs £55 including postage and packaging.

To order Moving On! contact Tracie Hunt 01274 604904 or complete this order form

I think Moving On! is brilliant, it’s a great way of helping people grow in their Christian Discipleship
— Rev Alison Wooding

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