2020 Evangelism Three-day Conference

2020 Evangelism Three-day Conference

All of us have a role to play in the ministry of evangelism in the local church.

A teaching course for evangelists, teachers, youth and family workers, church leaders and helpers who want to introduce evangelism more and more into the work and life of their local church.
A conference for those who want to get started, those who want to get better at it, or those who want to move to the next level.
We will consider questions and themes such as...

  • What is evangelism?
  • How did Jesus and Paul do it?
  • What is the Gospel for our world today?
  • The local church and its mission field.
  • Scattering seeds using social media, publicity, and word of mouth.
  • One-to-one evangelism.
  • Setting up an evangelistic event.
  • How to give a really good evangelistic talk.
  • Running an enquirer's group that works.

You don't need to be good at it or to feel you are anointed at it, you just have to want it.


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