Being Witnesses (Digital Download)

Being Witnesses (Digital Download)

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Patting your head and rubbing your stomach at the same time—very tricky!

Licking your own elbow? That's impossible! How about ordinary Christians speaking about our faith with others...? For many church members, faith sharing feels as challenging as trying to lick your own elbow, it seems impossible.

This 'Being Witnesses' study course contains five sessions each focusing on a different aspect of faith sharing. The course has been produced to assist local churches and their members gain confidence in speaking about Jesus. The course aims to be practical and enjoyable, whilst removing many misconceptions about evangelism and faith sharing.

Focusing on

  • prayer
  • the story of our faith journey
  • asking questions and listening
  • invitation
  • and churches being places of welcome, hospitality and exploration

This down-to-earth course seeks to help ordinary Christians be witnesses to an extraordinary God

Licking our own elbow might be possible, but being witnesses to Jesus is something every one of us can do!

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