Our Courses for Church Leaders

Leading your Church into Growth courses take the form of an open seminar with interactive talks, practical exercises, workshops and time and space for personal reflection. Times of informal conversation provide opportunities for our team members to answer questions and to explore the profile of individual churches.

Not sure which course is right for you?  Further details about all our courses are given below.  If you are still not sure please contact a member of the team. They will be happy to discuss your needs and help you find the best solution.


Upcoming events

25th September 2024 2024 Leading your Evangelism into Growth Conference
14th October 2024 2024 Autumn National Conference

Inspirational and challenging. Focussed on Jesus, based on prayer. The worship has been so uplifting.

- Attendee

What do the courses cover?

The original Leading your Church into Growth's residential course is aimed at clergy and lay leaders from across different traditions and denominations who are looking for help and encouragement in leading and growing their churches.

This is a course where the local church...

  • Learns key biblical teachings on growth
  • Discusses asks questions and applies these teachings to their own situation
  • Becomes insipred and motivated
  • Makes decisions, implements plans and new ways of working
  • Sticks with these plans, reviewing and adapting them as they go along

We offer a range of workshops during the conference through which members of the team bring their personal experience and expertise of encouraging church growth in different contexts, churchmanship and settings. Some examples would be: Catholic evangelism, Multi parish benefices, rural and small churches, evangelism to specific people groups and Fresh Expressions.

Sessions in the course include...

  • Creating a Prayerful Culture of Growth
  • Implementing the 4Ps
  • Practising Fruitful Evangelism
  • Developing Engaging Worship
  • Becoming an Inviting and Welcoming Church
  • Make a Pathway for Seekers to become Disciples
  • Begin a Planned Journey of Growth

To book your place at one of our upcoming conferences, please visit our online store.

Leading your Church into Growth bursary scheme

Leading your Church into Growth is passionate about seeing churches grow together. To facilitate this, we are offering a limited number of £100 bursaries for lay people to help churches send a team to our conferences along with their church leader who would otherwise be unable to do so. In order to apply for a bursary please select the relevant option on our conference booking form or email toby@leadingyourchurchintogrowth.org.uk.

LyCiG Estate Church Conference

The challenges of leading a church into growth on our urban estates are especially acute but confident Christian presence in such communities is vital. This course covers much of the material on the National Course, but is tailored to the needs of lay and ordained leaders from urban estates churches.  The course will be led by people with experience of this ministry.

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Leading your Evangelism into Growth

This course builds on the work of the National Course, going deeper into Proclamation, Persuasion and a greater emphasis on invitation.  You don’t need to have attended the National Course to attend this course, you just need to want to get better at helping people to find out about Jesus.

We will consider questions and themes such as...

  • What is evangelism?
  • How did Jesus and Paul do it?
  • What is the Gospel for our world today?
  • The local church and its mission field.
  • Scattering seeds using social media, publicity, and word of mouth.
  • One-to-one evangelism.
  • Setting up an evangelistic event.
  • How to give a really good evangelistic talk.
  • Running an enquirer's group that works.

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