Equipping & empowering local churches

Leading your Church into Growth Local Course is the ideal ‘next step’ for church leaders who want to get church growth principles and practice into the bloodstream of their own church communities. The resource is a perfect follow-on programme for those who have been on our residential course. Our Local course is designed for use in small groups. There is a manual; that is free to download and in an easy to print format, and seven video clips, one for each session, that can be downloaded for a small cost. Each of the seven sessions is interactive and shaped to stimulate, teach, equip and motivate church members of all ages to play their part in leading their church into growth.

Local Course Study Pack (Digital Download)

Seven video clips that are each about ten minutes long. These will set the scene for each of the seven steps of Leading your Church into Growth and help you introduce each of the sessions with your Church Leadership team, PCC, Mission Area, Deanery Group or whoever you are using the Leading your Church into Growth Local Course with. They are not essential to use with the Leading your Church into Growth Local manual (which is free to download), but will enrich the course and make it simpler for whoever is leading the course.

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