“The most effective resource to help our parishes grow in depth of discipleship, reach people of all generations so they come to faith, and make a difference in the wider community”

— Most Revd John Sentamu

A note from Robin

It seems more and more dioceses are focussing on the need to grow their parish churches. Perhaps Leading your Church into Growth could help you with a pathway forward and your churches could benefit from our shared experiences.

We have been running for almost 30 years and have moved on from our origins in the North of England, and now operate throughout the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

There are 25 of us on the team, we are; Vicars and Curates, Liberals and Evangelicals, Liturgists and Evangelists, Catholics and Charismatics, Archdeacons and Bishops, Rural and Urban, Missioners and Administrators, Big church and Small church.

The common thread between us is that we have all worked in growing churches and have a shared passion to see lots more churches growing and many people coming to faith.

We see ourselves as a sort of servant community sharing encouragement, good practice, effective strategies, 'can do' attitudes and holy inspiration. We would love to offer ourselves to help you and your church or diocese.

Revd Canon Robin Gamble

Team Leader

"In a church culture which is too easily besotted and beguiled by all that is shiny and new, Leading Your Church Into Growth concentrates on the tried and tested - putting parish and people, evangelism and service front and centre. This is extraordinary help for ordinary churches."

- Rt Revd Stephen Cottrell, Archbishop of York

Enabling churches to grow

We work with clergy, lay leaders and PCCs, enabling them to lead their church into the three key dimensions of growth.

More people

Becoming more like Jesus

Having more impact in the community

1 Corinthians 3:6

I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow.

A roadmap to growth

We offer people a road map, a toolbox, a travelling friend in the form of a series of steps...

  1. Change the culture
  2. Pray for growth
  3. Become an inviting and welcoming church
  4. Build an evangelism strategy
  5. Make disciples
  6. Improve the worship

"If you are not leading your church into growth, where are you leading it?"

- Rt Revd Philip North

Let's talk about money

Leading Your Church Into Growth is an independent charity. We receive no financial support from the Church of England, no commissioners funding and no grants.

Our only income comes from direct giving, sale of our resources and the modest charges we make for our courses.

With one or two exceptions all our team are unpaid, have other full-time jobs and give us their time freely.

At the core of our work there are our national conferences...

  • A northern conference in the autumn at The Hayes, Swanwick, Derbyshire
  • A matching southern conference in the spring at High Leigh in Hertfordshire (Through churches often swap over to attend the one that suits them.)
  • We also run contextualised courses for catholic churches and for those on housing estates or in deep rural settings
  • Finally, we run specialised training courses in evangelism and youthwork

The journey

Leading your Church into Growth is much more than a one-off conference or course. It is a transformational journey which needs to include a church’s whole membership over a two to three year period.

We suggest and provide various milestones and way markers to help churches and dioceses with the journey...

  • Free booklet 'The Ongoing Journey'
  • Diocesan 'Follow up' days
  • Leading your Church into Growth Local - teaching for the whole congregation
  • Finding and equipping Leading your Church into Growth Companions / Mentors
  • Additional teaching and vision days

Matthew 16:16

Simon Peter answered, "You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God."

Dioceses make use of us in different ways

  • Some send a group of clergy and lay leaders every year on one of our national conferences
  • Others send all those who have taken on a new parish in the previous year
  • Every year about four or five dioceses ask us to run their own Leading your Church into Growth event
  • We are sometimes asked to go a bit further and help a diocese build its own Leading your Church into Growth team
  • We are regularly asked to do ‘taster’, follow up and additional teaching days

Most dioceses already have a group of growing churches and others who, in contrast, don’t seem that interested. In between the two ends of the convoy however there is a great bunch of churches and leaders looking for help. Usually these are the ones who respond best to the input of Leading your Church into Growth.

This process usually begins with a diocese making contact with us for an exploratory conversation.

“For years Leading your Church into Growth has been and remains the best single piece of training that any local church can undertake if it wants to learn more about sharing the great news of Jesus Christ.”

— Rt Revd Paul Bayes

But does it work?

In recent years there have been four different research projects into the effectiveness of Leading your Church into Growth. They have clearly demonstrated that...

  • Stable or slow growth churches move up into strong growth
  • Declining churches almost always move up the scale into stability or gradual growth
  • There are lots of clergy who would like their diocese to organise a Leading your Church into Growth route for them
  • Dioceses using Leading your Church into Growth as a major tool see strong growth results

Acts 6:7

The word of God continued to spread; the number of the disciples increased.

Begin your journey

into church growth

If you are interested at all in the work of Leading your Church into Growth and would like to find out more or perhaps have a conversation then do please get in touch. We would love to come and talk with you.

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