Generosity, Gift, and Grace

Generosity, Gift, and Grace

Generosity, gift, and grace are all characteristics of God. God's generosity is revealed in creation, God's gift shown through Jesus Christ and the incarnation, and grace is made possible through the work of the Holy Spirit.

Giving is our response to the generosity, gift and grace of God; when we give it is a source of great joy.

This course contains five sessions, each considering a different aspect of generosity. It has been created by Stephanie Rankin (Diocese of Blackburn) and Revd. Canon Dave Banbury (Leading Your Church into Growth) to help local churches and their members think together about what it means to be generous. It aims to be practical and enjoybale whilst encouraging us to think more deeply about how we respond to the generosity, gift and grace of God.

The course contains two discs - one with the films for the sessions that can be played on a DVD player or a computer with a disc drive; the other disc has all the materials for the course - leaders and members materials. The files can be accessed on a computer by opening with the disc through file explorer.

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