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Leading your Church into Growth

In Leeds Diocese we are currently involved in a huge discussion about how we grow our churches. Whenever a new vicar arrives in the diocese we send them on the National LyCiG course, increasingly they are bringing a couple of lay leaders with them and between diocese and parish we finance the whole thing. This means a spreading impact throughout the whole diocese as new ministries begin.

I recently met with bishops and area deans and the united opinion was that the single most vital step in the whole growth process is about culture change. We need this change at deanery, diocesan and parish church level. It is basically a change of attitude, of use of resources, time and energies. A change in our thinking from:              

  • Surviving to thriving
  • Maintenance to mission (which includes maintenance)
  • Fearing evangelism to embracing it
  • Decline to growth

What would it be like if in your own thoughts and prayers and at every meeting of your PCC there was a ‘Culture Change Discussion’.

Actually in my opinion there is a second vital step in the growth journey. This second step is all about worship. Not special event services but rather our bread and butter weekly services because this is what most of our enquirers or visitors come to.

  • Is it too religious or nicely balanced?
  • Too warm or too cold?
  • Too long or too short?
  • And what impact does it have on people?
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