Meet the team: Anna Norman-Walker

Meet the team: Anna Norman-Walker has been part of the Leading your Church into Growth team for about ten years! A regular at our conferences, let's find out more about Anna.⁠

What do you do as your day job? ⁠
Rector St Leonard’s Church, Streatham.

Describe a key life moment where your faith became more real:⁠
My faith has always been real to me but there have been some memorable stepping stones along the way.
At a Scripture Union Camp as a 10 year old – I was invited to ask Jesus into my heart and thought – well if he isn’t already there , I better ask him now! And I did. Two years later I was confirmed and it felt very real.
Aged 25 – shortly after the birth of our first child and during a time of bereavement – I found returning to this simple childhood faith and finding something deeper, a more present reality.

What major event has happened for you this year? ⁠
There was a terrorist incident about 50 yards from the Rectory on the Streatham High Road at the heart of our Parish.
It led to an extraordinary outpouring of local concern and kindness and brought to light the resilience and unity of the people of Streatham – it was a privilege to be involved in the community response, to offer public prayers at Peace events and spend time with the traumatised and fearful.

What do you love to do in your spare time? ⁠
Go to the coast. I love being by the sea more than anything else in the world.

Which animal best describes you and why?
I think I am a golden retriever.
I love people and am good with children , I am faithful and trustworthy and love my food (and blonde).

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