Meet the team: Ash Evans

Meet the team: Ash works for the United Reform Church and has been bringing people from the Yorkshire Synod of the URC to our conferences for about four years now. He has known Robin for ages, and is part of our team. Find out more about Ash here.

What is your full name? Ashley Mark Theodore Evans

What do you do as your day job? ⁠
My day job is split in to two parts: I am the local minister/pastor of Bolton Villas Family Church in Bradford. This is a United Reformed Church and I’m the Yorkshire Synod Evangelist for the United Reformed Church.

Describe a key life moment where your faith became more real:⁠
I have always been brought up in the church, my father was a minister, but a really significant moment was when I was 11 or 12yrs old. We were on holiday and as I was looking in the mirror a beam of sunlight light my head and I heard a voice say ‘Ashley I love you’. I just knew it was God speaking to me, it wasn’t a voice anyone else could hear. From that day on my faith was no longer the inherited faith of my parents, it was mine and became a living relationship rather than an good idea.

What major event has happened for you this year? ⁠
Katie and I celebrated our PEARL wedding anniversary in Lockdown.

What do you love to do in your spare time?
I love to do several things in my spare time: Cycle, paint, walk the dog, watch films, all of which I can do in lockdown, but mostly I love to be with people...I’m missing that.

Which animal best describes you and why?
I guess a Bear. Why I hear you ask? I’m big and can have different moods from being like Pooh Bear and Paddington to being like a great big Grisly Bear. As well as that I love give and receive great big HUGS.

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