Meet the team: Rhiannon King

Meet the team: Archdeacon Rhiannon has been part of the team for about five years. She recently moved to a new role for the church.

What is your full name?
Rhiannon Elizabeth King

What do you do as your day job?
Archdeacon of Ipswich and Director of Inspiring Ipswich.
The aim is to help our existing 25 churches flourish, start 25 new ones and, together through these 50 churches, to help the town to flourish.

Describe a key life moment where your faith became more real:
When the penny dropped as a 14 year old and I realised everything I was learning about the Christian faith was true and I couldn’t waste another minute not following Jesus. Within 6 months virtually everyone in my class had read ‘The Cross and the Switchblade’ and I’ve never stopped enthusing about Jesus since.

What major event has happened for you this year?
Just before Easter last year I became the Archdeacon of Ipswich and Director of Inspiring Ipswich. Two fantastic jobs in a great town. I wake up every morning feeling so privileged.

What do you love to do in your spare time?
My guilty pleasures include Netflix, salted caramel chocolates and visiting lots of towns and cities I’ve never been to before.

Which animal best describes you and why?
I wish I could be like a wise old owl or majestic eagle flying high but I’m probably more like a common magpie just looking for the best way to steal other people’s great ideas!

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