Meet the team: Ruthi Gibbons

Meet the team: Ruthi has been on the Leading your Church into Growth Team for about 10 years (I know...she must have joined when she was 10 years old!) Here are some fun facts about Ruthi:

What is your full name?
Ruthi Gibbons

What do you do as your day job?
I’m a curate in York, although at the moment I’m on maternity leave

Describe a key life moment where your faith became more real:
I took a youth group to a Christian festival one year. During one of the worship sessions I was praying for them when I suddenly felt overwhelmed by God’s love for them and for the church.

What major event has happened for you this year?
I’ve had a baby! So life has changed dramatically as I’m learning how to be a Mum

What do you love to do in your spare time?
I love being creative and making a mess, whether that’s baking, painting, sewing, crafting. I also love taking my dog out for adventures.

Which animal best describes you and why?
I feel I would be a red squirrel. Running about everywhere but also happy snuggled up.

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