Running a Start Course via YouTube videos

We have been asked a lot recently about if it is possible to run a Start Course online via virtual conferencing (Zoom, etc.). You will be pleased to know it is! Check out the article about how to do that here.

This article is about how you can do something similar, but via YouTube videos.

There are some key differences between doing Start via virtual conferencing and YouTube videos. You will need to weigh up the pros and cons and decide which one is right for you!

  • Running Start via virtual conferencing feels a little bit more like ‘proper’ Start
  • Doing it by virtual conferencing can exclude some – it is not as easy as clicking one link to a YouTube video, it involves signing in, turning up at the right time, etc.
  • Running it by YouTube means those who want to be part of the course can do so any time they wish
  • The YouTube version is not quite as ‘polished’ as a version that uses our professionally made video clips and the PowerPoint we have provided.
  • The YouTube version is based on an older version of Start and the material is slightly different from the more recent Start Course.

Let’s get started!

How does it work?

  • The idea is that participants download the special 'Coronavirus Start' members' materials they need off our website (as a pdf). You let them have the link to this via social media, newsletter, website, etc. it can go as widely as you like.
  • Participants navigate to the YouTube link that is on their member’s material - this is a video that guides them through that session and the materials they have.
  • The video offers an introduction and a bit of teaching. At various points it will ask participants to pause the video and contemplate a question, completing an exercise on the participant's material 
  • When they have done this they resume the video that has a bit more input, etc. 
  • This repeats for six sessions
  • If you want to make and record your own videos and load them up to Youtube you can do this. We have a special 'Coronavirus Start' leader's guide to help here


  • There is no need to have any software to make this work: as long as you have an internet connection and can click on a link then you can take part
  • Course members can go at their own pace
  • Course members can repeat material easily if they want to
  • Course members can do each session whenever...3am if they like!
  • It is totally anonymous: no one, not even a course leader, knows who is doing the course. 

This last pro is a significant one that has presented itself and we may not have thought about before: lots of people want to explore faith and spirituality, but the first time they do that, they don't want anyone to know about it. 


  • There is no learning in community
  • There is no chance to ask a direct question of the presenter. However, the church leader can invite people to be in touch with them via the invite they sent the links and information out on. 
  • Community is not nurtured at this point, but can be in the follow up. 
  • Follow up is hard unless the participants let someone know they have done the Start Course - they are invited to do so in the member's notes. 

Remember to check out our article on how to run Start Course using virtual conferencing here.

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