Start Booklets

Start Booklets

These A6 Start Booklets are an easily accessible introduction to the Christian faith, exploring topics including; Life, God, Mess, Jesus and The Cross.

These booklets are perfect to give to those who have some questions about life, Jesus Christ, and their purpose. They are full of pictures and with loads of references to contemporary popular culture. In this way, we hope that they clearly and simply present something of the hope of the message of Jesus Christ.

Please note these booklets are not essential to running a Start course. Everything you need for Start is included in the price of Start. These booklets are a 'cherry on top'! They are what used to be called 'evangelistic tracts'. 

Explore some sample pages from the booklet below...

Start Booklet Sample Pages

5 x Start Booklets
£8.00 including P&P
10 x Start Booklets
£14.00 including P&P
25 x Start Booklets
£30.00 including P&P
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