Resources to help you with evangelism during ‘lockdown’

This post contains some thoughts and ideas from various members of the Leading your Church into Growth team about how to encourage a culture of invitation and evangelism during the extraordinary times caused by the coronavirus.

It is well documented that there are probably two key factors that have arisen at this time. Firstly, almost all churches in the UK and beyond have vastly increased their engagement with digital and social media. Secondly, it quickly became apparent that a lot of people find it easier to come to services and events of the church online that they did actually ‘crossing the threshold’ of our buildings.

Not all of the following resources and ideas will work in all contexts but they can probably be adapted to your context.

·      The seven steps or rainbow of evangelism

A brief guide and resource to how we might do evangelism at this time of lockdown and as we come out of lockdown.

·      The detail of the seven steps or rainbow of evangelism

A document that goes in to some detail and gives examples and resources to add to the seven steps or rainbow of evangelism

·      How might you help the older generation connect digitally

As well as providing non-digital solutions to those who are finding it hard to connect with online services and social media, it may be possible to help people connect. This will be useful now, and when we come out of lockdown. Revd. Sue Cooke has helped a number of her parishioners this way and shares some advice.

·       How to run the Start Course on Zoom and similar online conferencing

As well as it probably being easier to turn up to a ‘seeker’s course’ online than in real life, it is also probably easier to run such a course on line than in real life: no need to set the chairs out and make sure the kettle is on! Find out how, if you master ‘screenshare’ and the importance of having a good PowerPoint, then it is simple from then on in (as long as you have people to invite!)

·      How to run the Start Course on YouTube

The advantage of Start Course on YouTube is that it is totally time flexible, totally anonymous, and easier for those who are tech-adverse. Find out more reasons to do it this way, and how to do it in this article


‘Don’t you have a saying, “It’s still four months until harvest”? I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.’

John 4:35


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